1 & 2

Junior Primary School

Years 1 & 2

In Years 1 and 2 we are always talking – sometimes with short, easy words and sometimes with long, difficult words. All this talking is a pathway of learning… we share, we discuss, we praise, we inquire and therefore we learn.

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An excitement for learning

The buzz of learning is a result of us working individually, in pairs or in small groups as we become independent learners. With guidance, we are encouraged to work out our questions in a variety of ways – ask a friend, have a go, use some tactile resources to work it out or even use one of the many iPads or laptops that are available in the classroom.

In Years 1 and 2, we are:

Writers as we record our thoughts, observations and opinions.

Mathematicians by identifying shapes in our school environment; we add, subtract, divide and multiply using a variety of strategies to enhance understanding, and informally measure the length of tables and chairs, and even our classmates.

Scientists as we push and pull plasticine and try to make it float and watch carefully when we mix certain chemicals.

Conservationists by recycling our classroom paper and thinking of ways to reduce our water usage.

Historians as we make floral wreaths for ANZAC Day and find out from our grandparents what school was like for them.

Safety wardens as we think of ways to keep ourselves safe at home and school, on the road, on the computer and with friendships.

Programmers as we code blue-bots, use apps with ease and learn to touch type.

All this learning and activity is done with the clear understanding that we are children of God who created us to discover, inquire and care. With the values of respect, responsibility, resilience and integrity evident in the culture of the school, we learn… and we always enjoy lunch!

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Our Prep program emphasises forming relationships with each other and God, and creating a love and passion for learning.

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