Connect with nature

Birralee bundaleer

Children amongst the trees

Bush Kinder was developed in response to research that shows outdoor activities in a natural environment are extremely beneficial to children's health, wellbeing and development. Bush kinder is an education program that is set outdoors so children can connect with nature through play and exploration.

Nunawading children playing

Key features of the Nunawading Christian College bush kinder approach include:

  • Children spending long and regular periods of time in unstructured or semi-structured play in natural environments all year round
  • Children experiencing the daily and seasonal fluctuations in weather
  • No toys, tools or art supplies, the Bush Kinder experience enables children to play with whatever nature has provided, leaving only a footprint behind.
Current research on children who regularly play in outdoor natural settings has concluded that they have:
  • increased confidence, motivation, concentration and resilience
  • Increased social, physical and language skills
  • Deeper conceptual understanding for. the natural environment

The Nunawading Christian College bush kinder program deepens our children's understanding of community and where they fit in.

The program offers better opportunities for children to be authentically engaged in real life. The Nunawading program encourages a well-connected, cohesive community of children who are more environmentally aware. The Nunawading Biralee Bundaleer program takes special care to embed Indigenous culture perspectives into the program by promoting three community and environmental aspects:

  • We need to look after each other
  • Take what we need. Use only what we need
  • Have a positive relationship with the natural world

Staff and students intentionally use Indigenous language first for flora, fauna and insect life, recognising that English is the second language NOT the first language of Australia.

Did you know, mud, sand water, leaves, sticks etc. can stimulate children's immune systems making them more resilient to illness?