Middle Primary (Years 3 & 4)
Middle Primary Learning Journey
In Year 3 and 4, we want our students to develop a love for learning and develop a rich and meaningful relationship with God.
  As students enter the middle years of school they become increasingly independent, develop strategies to solve their own problems and learn to make choices. They consolidate and build on the foundations, established in the early years.   Increased independence and the focus on responsibility for learning is also balanced with developing skills in collaborative teamwork. Through STEM, team sport and literature activities, students learn to collaborate and contribute to reaching goals side-by-side with their peers.    In ICT, students become increasingly computer literate and learn to touch type, code and email. They learn how to present their work using Google slides or PowerPoint.  
Students in the middle years develop a love of reading novels during literacy circles and whilst reading whole class novels together. They study the life of authors and compare text to film.
  In Years 3 and 4, students learn to swim and compete in Divisional and interschool sports.   In Year 4, the students participate in a weekly buddy program with the Early Learning Centre to nurture their empathy and foster relationships between the lower and middle school.   Year 4 students increase their independence with a school sleepover to prepare them for the Year 5 camp.   M is for marvelous Middle School I is for integrity and independence D is for daring to take risks D is for doing our best L is for loving to learn new things E is for encouraging each other   Y is for Yahweh! E is for energetic and enthusiastic A is for always doing the right thing R is for respect, resilience and responsibility S is for safe and strong students