Prep Learning

Prep learning journey

at NCC

We love learning in Prep. Our year of school adventure starts with being great friends with others and having a great attitude to learning.

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Giving your child the perfect start to their learning journey

Prep is one of the most exciting times in a child’s school life, where the foundations for a positive attitude to life-long learning are established.

Our Prep program has an emphasis on forming relationships with each other and God, and creating a love and passion for learning. The first semester focuses on ensuring that children feel safe and happy at school, and can manage new school routines. Students are helped to become comfortable with their place in the whole school community through the Foundation/5&6 Buddy program.

Prayer and developing a personal relationship with our Creator God is a special part of Prep. We pray and learn through Bible stories each day, and invite our families and friends to join us in the Prep classroom during Wednesday Worship.

Prep units encourage wonder and joy at God’s world. A ‘Creation Celebration’ with hands-on interactions with snakes and turtles is highlight, as is our visit to the Royal Melbourne Zoo.

Our Prep classroom is bright and airy, opening onto a garden area for outside learning and play.

With regular visits to the school Library, and an ever-changing classroom “Book Corner”, a love for reading is encouraged. A multi-sensory phonics approach is used to rhyme, sign and sound-out words as children progress towards reading, writing and enjoying the world of literacy.

In the core areas of Numeracy and Literacy students work in small flexible groups, as they are led to develop at a pace that is right for them. A Teacher Aide is in the Prep class for 2 hours each morning in the classroom to assist and support learning.

Numeracy skills and mathematical thinking are developed through hands-on exploration and many experiences with concrete materials.

Technology is used as a tool for learning, with iPads and laptops accessed at specific, learning appropriate times. The Prep class “logs-on” to the web-based ‘Mathletics’ program each week, and students can also access this program at home.

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