Lunchtime clubs

Lunchtime clubs


In Primary, NCC students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of lunchtime clubs to extend themselves and try new opportunities. NCC's Lunchtime clubs are provided by Kids Unlimited.

Cooking lesson school

Healthy Cooking

Each week, our budding masterchefs learn how to use cooking utensils and experiment with different flavours and ingredients to make healthy lunches and snacks.

After all the cooking and cleaning, students sit down to eat their healthy lunches together.

Electrical Engineering

Do you know what Electrolytic Capacitors, Rectifier Diodes or Resistors are?!

Well, you probably would if you were enrolled in the Electrical Engineering lunchtime club!

In Electrical Engineering Clubs, students learn about a variety of electrical parts and what they do. They have worked on different projects, such as a “leak detector”, a “night light”, a “siren” and a “spooky sounds music-maker”. The instructor explains how to put together electrical circuits that have various functions.