Happy Hands & Happy Hearts
Happy Hands & Happy Hearts

Nunawading Christian College hosts two Happy Hands and one Happy Hearts session every week. Please excuse the mess, children are making masterpieces!

Happy Hands Art Time is a non for profit community art program purely developed to inspire and encourage creativity with your little ones! Connect with other parents, enjoy structured parent/child interaction time together, and have lots of fun creating a mess and take home masterpiece made especially by those special little people you love. We are all about the process of creating, not the end result!


Our motto is THE MESS STAYS WITH US. Your child will always be very encouraged to come up with their own interpretations of the craft theme for the day, it is also a wonderful opportunity for you to also connect with your child in this way. Our sessions are very much process orientated as we want your child to be comfortable in a space where they can discover things for themselves. We are constantly amazed though at what a child with come up with given the resources and the freedom to explore!


Fine motor skills, building confidence (joining in songs/activities), becoming more creative and unique in her approach to the art works, and most of all she’s developed a sense of belonging in a familiar/safe group. It takes Pippa a long time to feel comfortable with new people and situations and Happy Hands is now one of her favourite things in the week.


My daughter Alexandra has become more outgoing and sociable since attending this program. This program has also helped her develop the necessary skills and confidence needed to attend Kindergarten i.e. sitting during story time, structure, sharing with peers, show initiative, ability to work on her own. She’s also become an excellent artist and her creativity astounds me.

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