Fee Calculator & Schedule

Click here to download our fee schedule for 2024

Alternatively, you can use the fee calculator below for an estimate. This is particularly useful if you have more than one child attending Nunawading Christian College.

Nunawading Christian College has partnered with specialist provider, Edstart, to provide families with more flexibility and choice when it comes to the payment of school fees. Families can now spread their fees into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments over the school year, with the ability to choose their preferred day for when payments are made. The school will pay the cost of providing this service, ensuring that it remains free for families at the school to use. Families wishing to pay their fees in instalments must visit to set up an Edstart Plus account.

NCC scholarship journey

Nunawading Christian College aims to nurture the overall development of each student. Our scholarship program includes opportunities across various elements of our student’s growth – Academic, Leadership, Entrepreneurial and Sports.

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