Tell 89.9 TheLight why you love our school!

We are so excited to share a new promotion with our radio partner – LightFM. 

The breakfast hosts – Lucy and Kel are running a promotion and the winning school will host 89.9 TheLight LIVE at their next school event! This is a great opportunity to share with the TheLight listeners about NCC and what makes our school the school we are all proud of. 

The promotion details are as follows; 

If you think our school is totally ace, click here and tell TheLight what you LOVE about it and why. It could be a particular teacher or program, or anything that makes NCC stand out from the crowd and makes it GREAT.

On Friday 29th July Kel and Lucy will announce the lucky winner live on-air during their breakfast program. 

We are blessed with our school and we continually hear wonderful stories from our school family and we hope that these can be shared with the wider community.