Parent Information Session – Technology Addictions

Beating Technology Addictions During the Pandemic

On the afternoon of the 29th March, we have International Speaker Chuck Hagele from the Life Ready Kids series hosting a workshop with our Year 3-6 students on “Beating Technology Addictions”.

Following this, we are pleased to present a special Parent Information Session for all parents from ELC to Year 12. Secondary students are also invited to attend with their parents.

Chuck Hagele will present an hour session on on how help ourselves and our kids live with technology without being a slave to it. 


Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 29th March

Time: 7-8pm

Venue: NCC Chapel Hall


More about Chuck Hagele

For over 30 years Chuck Hagele has taught families how to stay on course with God. He is a sought after speaker around the world, even appearing on the American talk show Dr. Phil. 

Our brains are under constant attack; technology, strained relationships, communication breakdowns, fighting addictions, temptations, regrets and shame are plaguing many. Chuck presents ways to communicate about difficult topics and how to use technology for positive purposes. 

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