2021 VCE Results

As a school, we recognise that an ATAR does not define our students and it is just one of many measures of success. Our core mission is to provide quality education for all students that “develops learning for living and character for life” and we believe that our 2021 VCE students have displayed extraordinary character during their learning in such difficult circumstances. We are proud of all our students.

We are at this time extremely proud of the values our Class of 2021 have displayed and we believe their results are a reflection of respect for the time invested by parents and teachers; responsibility and integrity shown through their commitment to study, and resilience to stick it out despite adversities this year.

We want to affirm the whole Class of 2021 for the contribution they have made to NCC and congratulate them on their strong VCE results.

We wish our Class of 2021 the very best in the next stage of their learning and every success in the future. We look forward to seeing their achievements in years to come and welcoming them back to the College as Alumni.

Congratulations to our top High ATAR Achievers: 

Sallyanne McMahon – 99.05

Eva Barger-Bos – 97.85

Deric Chuong – 95.65

Nathan Choo – 93.15

Joel Michaelson – 89.60

Joel Love – 89.05

Kelzey May – 87.10

Laura Sotomayor – 86.90

Nicholas Bowman – 86.3

Outstanding ATARs

26% in top 15% of state

40% in top 20% of state

Outstanding Study Scores 

Congratulations to the students who received 40+ study scores in the number of subjects. 

Sallyanne McMahon 4, Eva Barger-Bos 3, Deric Chuong 2, Nathan Choo 1, Joel Michaelson 1, Joel Love 1, Kelzey May 1, Elizabeth Mendez 1, Ephraim Mason 1. 

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ATAR and Study Scores Explained

What is an ATAR?

An ATAR is the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank, a ranking of Year 12 results compared to other Year 12 students around Australia. The ATAR is not a score out of 100. It is a rank that allows tertiary institutions to compare the achievements of all students who have completed Year 12.

In Victoria, ATARs are calculated by the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) when a student completes the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

What is a study score?

A study score shows how well a student performed in a subject at unit 3 and 4 level, compared to everyone else in Victoria who took that subject. Study scores are used by VTAC to calculate student ATARs.

The maximum study score is 50. A score of between 23 and 37 indicates that a student is in the middle range. A score of 38 or more shows that a student is in the top 15%.