Parenting Seminar: Mental Health
Tuesday 25 May - Tuesday 25 May

Year 5 to 12 Families – A special invitation


Feedback from parents and teachers is that student anxiety is higher than pre COVID and that lockdown has impacted students and families in unexpected ways. The importance of the wellbeing of our school community means that we are hosting an evening Parenting Seminar on the 15th June at 7:30pm. 

Clinical Neuropsychotherapist and Wellness and Behavioural Consultant, Karen Ferry, will speak to Year 5-12 parents to address some of the more common challenges that families are facing around the issue of anxiety and online behaviour. 

Karen speaks to families with practical and insightful strategies. Her holistic Christian perspective is very much in line with our school values and culture.

To remain COVID safe, families will need to register and places will be limited. Click here to register.


About Karen Ferry

Karen is in private practice as a Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner. She is also a Wellness and Behavioural Consultant, running seminars for schools, play-groups, church groups and government organizations. She holds degrees in Education and a Masters Degree in Counselling. Karen is a member of ACA (Australian Counselling Association), PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia), MHA (Mental Health Academy), and is a certified member of the International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy (IACN).

Karen practices counselling using the principles of Neuropsychotherapy and specializes in the many and varied areas of loss, grief and trauma. As an educator she has had experience in both primary and secondary classrooms. Her roles have included classroom teaching, administration and working with families in home education environments. She has also provided consultation and training to educators in Australia and in many developing countries around the world. Karen has a passion for enriched environments that inspire and challenge; environments where every child experiences the reward and excitement of learning because they are free of anxiety, threat and humiliation.


Banner image: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash