Shaping Our Future: Who do you think is my boss?

Shaping Our Future: Who do you think is my boss?

“Are you the new principal?” a young ELC student asked me this week while I was on primary car park duty.
“Yes”, I replied smiling.
“Well, I know who your boss is”, they exclaimed.
Curious I responded with “Who do you think is my boss?”
They didn’t hesitate. “Your boss is God”.

Early Learning Student Laughing















Of course, the young ELC student was right: God is the leader of this school. Our motto – Nothing Without God – is at the core of how we do things at NCC. God is at the centre of what we believe, what we do and where we want to go as a school community.

I am very passionate about Nunawading Christian College and leading the school in 2020. My career in Christian education started a mere 26 years ago when I began teaching practice with Grade 1 students in the UK. Since then I have been involved in primary, secondary and tertiary education in many parts of the world. But the one constant throughout my career has been my belief that Christian education in general and Seventh-day Adventist education can change lives.

As a school, we focus on building character for life. We believe in developing students to be independent thinkers and not merely reflect back what the world tells them to believe. We base our curriculum on sound teaching principles and ensure that we embed Christian principles into our teaching.

It is not only a new year, but a new decade and we have a new school structure. I am humbled to lead Nunawading Christian College but know that I have an excellent, supportive team around me. Along with myself, Leanne Munchan as Director of Early Learning, Tracie Hailey as Head of Primary, Hanna Stekla as Head of Secondary and Mark Roberts as Business Manager are supported by an amazing team of teachers and administrators. We are all committed to seeing students at NCC thrive. But as the young student in the ELC will tell you, we all report to our boss- God.

May you find much joy in the journey ahead.

Meggan James