New Nunawading Christian College Principal 2020

NCC Principal with students

Our school has experienced exceptional growth in recent years. We have seen student numbers increase in our Early Learning Centre as we added an extra classroom. Our primary school has grown by over 15% and our secondary school has record enrolments for 2020. There are now waiting lists in all 3 areas of the school.

The Adventist Schools Victoria Board of Directors, in consultation with the Nunawading Christian College School Council and school leaders, have decided to place an overall Principal at Nunawading Christian College. The Principal will continue to support the vision for Nunawading Christian College to be a vibrant, values-based Christian school, delivering an excellent academic standard and will care for our school through the next phase of growth. The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Meggan James to the role of Principal, effective in 2020.


Message from Ms Meggan James, Principal 2020

It is an honour and privilege to be appointed as the new Principal for Nunawading Christian College. Next year marks a new phase in the history of our school as we move to a new operational model with one Principal over the Early Learning Centre, Primary and Secondary schools. This new model will allow the College to work strategically to ensure that we provide a seamless transition between each stage of schooling and provide a streamlined learning experience for our students and families.

I am deeply committed to the vision and mission of our school to provide quality Christian education in a caring learning environment. I am passionate about this school and I have seen first-hand the difference NCC makes in the lives of our students. This is a school where we are centred on Christ, connected to the community and committed to making a difference in our world. Education is a privilege and a powerful tool for change. We want our students to be change-agents in a world of apathy and indifference. We want our students to be passionate about sharing their faith in an increasingly secular world. We want our students to have a sense of belonging and community and to know that their voice will be heard and valued and sometimes challenged. We want students to engage in a robust learning environment where they take educational risks, develop resilience, learn to think deeply and grow academically, spiritually and personally. Our holistic educational views are summed up as “learning for living and character for life.” Our teachers and support staff are committed to this educational ideal.

At its core, leadership is about relationships: relationships with parents, staff, students, church community and I want to encourage you as parents to seek out opportunities to get involved within our school community. Our children are a precious gift and it is in partnership with parents that as educators we can help shape them into responsible, respectful and resilient young men and women with integrity.

Our Prep – 12 College has grown 23% in the past 3 years. We currently have almost 440 students for 2020. There are a further 55 students anticipated in the ELC next year, bringing our campus total to almost 500.

We do not take the trust you put in our school lightly and we have confidence that God will continue to bless and lead as we move forward together because we know that we are nothing without God’s leading.

Meggan James

Nunawading Christian College Principal 2020