What difference can your generation make to the world?

Our Nunawading Christian College Secondary Captains were recently asked what difference their generation can make to the world. We thought their responses were so great, we needed to share:


One thing that our generation has that no one before us has ever experienced, is the abundance of knowledge. We can discover a million different ways to reduce environmental damage at the touch of a finger, or share an encouraging thought with hundreds of people through a simple app on our phone. Using these platforms, our generation can advocate for global equality, environmental improvement, a healthy lifestyle, increased positivity, and so much more. We can be the generation that takes a stand.

– Amy Rankin, Nunawading Christian College Captain 2019


Our generation have all the tools necessary to change the world. We can help bring people up from everywhere, whether it be on the other side of the world, or the other side of your fence. It could be donating a bit of money to charity or helping someone carry their groceries. These small steps create a safer and selfless community which has a chain reaction and can (over time) change the world. If everyone in our generation was to perform a few good deeds, the world would change, after all ‘a little compassion goes a long way’.

– Matthew Conlon, Nunawading Christian College Captain 2019



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