Discover the NEW Nunawading Early Learning Centre Renovations

Discover the NEW Nunawading Early Learning Centre Renovations


Nunawading Christian College first opened the Nunawading Early Learning Centre in 2015. The centre quickly attracted an average of five children per day. In 2018, this enrolment grew to an average of 27 children each day. Due to this outstanding growth, over the 2018 school holidays, a new kinder room and outdoor play area have been added to the centre, making room for 20 new students to NCC’s Early Learning program in 2019.


Our centre is moving rapidly towards our vision of a four room service with two 4yr old kindergarten programs, a 3yr old kindergarten room and one pre kinder program.


“These are exciting plans for our school families, friends and community as they make the choice to enrol their child into our Early Learning program and Primary and Secondary schools. The expansion means that every family has the opportunity to commence our values based education program from early learning through to Year 12 VCE.”

Mrs Margaret Andoh Okai, Early Learning Director

To make room for the renovations, our Year 5 and 6 classes moved into new classrooms near the NCC administration building. Their old classrooms were completely renovated with the help of our NCC facilities team and new furniture installed for the younger members of our school community.


The renovations have been designed in line with our philosophy of discovery and play-based learning.  


Outside under the trees at the front of the centre, there is a new sandpit, tables, and bark for students to explore. It’s a fantastic spot for the children to be able to wave to the older students as they play or leave for the train in the afternoon.

Inside, there’s a table with a lightbox and magnifying glasses for discovering more about creepy crawlies; a reading corner; a table for art and morning tea; and lots of room for hanging student artwork.


“We are very excited about the future prospects for our ELC and thank those who have made the excellent renovations and additions and for their time and expertise.  This augurs well for further development as the growth continues. We praise God for His continued blessing as we move into the months ahead.”

Mr Chris Cowled, NCC Primary Principal.


“It is very exciting to be in our brand new room where we can play, sing, explore, create and learn together. It is a beautiful space and the children are really thriving in their new environment. We can’t wait to see where this year takes us.”

Katherine Darroch, NCC Kinder Teacher

To find out more about enrolling your child in the Nunawading Christian College Early Learning Centre, request more information online or phone 03 9877 3555 to speak to our Registrar.

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