Year 8 Consolidate Learning Through Service
Year 8 English students are studying “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” and “The Book Thief” which deal with themes of friendship, innocence, discrimination and the power of words. To consolidate their work in class, and to make their studies in line with our motto, “Learning for living and character for life”, we went on a community visit to Coronella Retirement Village where each student interviewed a resident using questions they created in class pertaining to the aforementioned themes. Have a read of some of the words of wisdom they received about friendship:
Question: Do you think distance can separate true friends?
Answer: “A friend is someone you can not see for twenty years and when you see them again, carry on the same conversation.”
Question: What do you believe is the most beautiful thing about friendships?
Answer: “That you can have comfort. Both you and your friend having comfort in each others company”
Question: What did you admire the most about your best friend?
“I loved how she was always cheerful, she was very sensible but most of all she was able to put up with me.”