Discovering a New Talent – Playing the Tuba with James

Discovering a New Talent – Playing the Tuba with James

James has been playing the tuba for two and a half years now after his bus driver first encouraged him to give it a try. This week we caught up with James to find out a little more about his why he loves to play the tuba!

What inspired you to play the tuba?

It was actually my bus driver who inspired me to begin playing the tuba. He convinced me to play music, because “musicians have a larger math part of the brain” and I enjoy maths!

What do you enjoy most about playing the tuba?

I enjoy providing a deep sound which others enjoy hearing and providing the necessary role of the tuba in a band. It is also a great relief from stress as it brings peace of mind and relaxes me when I play.

Do you perform anywhere or play with a band?

Every Thursday, I and a group of about 15 other students, who comprise the Junior Advent Brass Band (JABB), meet together and have a combined band practice. In JABB there are people from Edinburgh College, NCC, other schools and some who are home-schooled. I also personally play at church about 2 weeks every month and am part of an ensemble group at North Fitzroy SDA church, which plays about 4 or 5 times a year.

Why would you encourage another student to begin playing an instrument?

I would encourage another student to begin playing as you never know what will happen if you do. In music you are always learning, can have a ball of fun, and can discover a talent that you never knew you had. Sometimes it does get tough and practice is hard, but the rewards that playing a brass instrument reap far outweigh the negatives.

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