Getting to know Maree

Getting to know Maree

This week we caught up with our new Year 4/5 teacher, Mrs Maree Worker to find out what she loves about working at NCC so far…


Describe teaching in three words…

Passion, commitment, calling

What do you love most about teaching?

Those moments when children understand something for the first time! The relationships with the kids, (and their parents).

What is different about NCC to any other school?

I haven’t fully worked that out yet! BUT NCC is a place where kindness abounds and where there is excitement and acceptance between the students. The kids don’t see their differences – they just see each other as friends. They are encouraging and helpful to each other. These are all wonderful aspects of our College community.

What do you learn from your students?

So much! I love their enthusiasm for life and their fresh eyes when they learn something for the first time. The excitement they share in abundance when they are excited about something. They don’t guard their emotions the same way when they are younger, and it’s great to see this exuberance for life!

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be and why?

I have been lots of other things than a teacher! I love focusing on well-being and spiritual development in young people. If I wasn’t teaching, I would like to be involved in something in these areas!