PB4L Success for NCC

Since the beginning of 2017, both the Primary and Secondary Schools have been embracing a new program called Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L). The program is designed to promote our positive school values – respect, responsibility, resilience and integrity and help students to practise these values in all of their interactions. This year we have focussed on Tier 1 of this program which has involved universally teaching what these values look like, rewarding students who have demonstrated these values and assisting those who have lapsed or have struggled to embrace these values. A few weeks ago, NCC had a representative from Melbourne University come and assess our progress with PB4L and we are delighted to announce that we achieved 90% – a tremendous result for the one year our program has been running. In the coming months, we will begin Tier 2 of this program which focuses on targeted interventions to make our school and our school community a positive experience for all.