A Healthy Lifestyle – Year 8 Highlight Day 2

The theme was ‘A Healthy Lifestyle’ for the second of a series of Highlight Days for Year 8. Students were split into two groups and while one focused on some healthy cooking for a Masterchef Challenge, the other group took part in a Ninja Warrior Experience. Under the guidance of Mr. Selent and Mr. Kutschker, the students experienced a range of new gym equipment: chin-up bars, battle ropes, gymnastic rings and power bags. Mr. Njock, a former boxing champion, ran a boxercise class for upper body fitness. In the kitchen, Mrs. Allen led an eager group of Year 8 students in a cooking challenge. Students cooked up a large lunch as well as an afternoon tea. Delicious food was enjoyed by all.


Best Ninja Warriors

Zoe, Mustafa, Ariza, Lian

Most Tasty Masterchef Dishes

Nathan, Joel, Danielle, Shi Qi & Natasha

Most Tasty Masterchef RunnerUp

Caleb, Joshua & Darcy