Students Get a Taste of France

On Friday 18th August, we planned a day immersed in all things French. The whole Secondary school was involved and students who are currently learning French took that opportunity to demonstrate their language skills.


One of the activities was crêpe-making (and eating!). Some of our junior secondary students (Zoe, Shi Qi, Lian, Juoh & Favian), together with Annabelle (a French student here on an exchange program) prepared and cooked crêpes whilst the rest of the students were in their classroom.


We had two special guests: Lorraine Anthony – the Human Resource Manager at Adventist Schools Victoria, who provided a huge quantity of crêpe mixture, as well as joining the students cooking; and Yvonna, one of our office staff volunteers, who dressed in red, white and blue (the French colours) and who also joined in with the cooking.


All the staff members and students came together at lunch time. Students doing French, who had learnt some French phrases, demonstrated their amazing linguistic skills by asking for anything they needed in French.


Many things were provided to be stuffed inside crêpes, however most students enjoyed the chocolate-filled crêpes best.

We all had a wonderful day and learnt a lot about France – especially their delicious food.