NCC Captains Visit Parliament House

Ella and Jack, NCC Secondary Captains, were among student leaders from schools in the Eastern Metropolitan Region invited to visit Parliament House by Bruce Atkinson MLC on Wednesday August 23. The Honourable Bruce Atkinson, State Member for the region and currently President of the Legislative Council, spoke to over 90 student leaders about the history of Government in Victoria and by extension Australia, noting the architectural and historical value of Parliament House as a building and landmark. The evening was made lively by introductions to, and conversations with, various members of the Parliament who bumped into the tour group as the Lower and Upper House Chambers were explored. This opportunity to experience the setting and atmosphere of decision-making affecting every day Victorians was intriguing and enjoyable.


The opportunity to visit Parliament House and talk with various ministers from the Eastern Metropolitan area was incredibly interesting – especially as a young adult. Gaining a better understanding of the processes was intriguing, but the most valuable part of the evening was the sentiment that numerous politicians shared with us: any one of us has the abilities to make a difference in the world, whether it be in our immediate communities or on a wider scale.



– Ella, Year 12