Lens on Learning – My Future Career Sessions

Part of our core learning philosophy at NCC is for students to succeed in life, not just in results. To support this philosophy, Mr Maslin has organised optional My Future Careers Sessions each Monday lunchtime for students.


Students are invited to attend and hear from NCC alumni, parents and staff about their chosen career path, what it’s like and how they got there.


Last week, students heard from former NCC student, Michael Stekla. Michael is in his third year of an Electrical engineering degree at RMIT. He shared with students about life at university and what it’s like to study Electrical Engineering.


Year 10 student, Samuel said that engineering sounds really interesting and is definitely something he’s considering in the future. He also said he learned a lot of interesting facts about the differences between school and university.


Students have also recently heard from a lawyer, human resource manager, administrator and some students had the opportunity to visit a veterinary practice during the holidays. We hope that all of our students will take advantage of these sessions to explore careers they may or may not have considered before.