Jack’s Sustainable Surfboard Project

This week we spoke with Year 12 student, Jack, to hear about his final Year 12 PD&T Project. Jack is designing a surfboard from cardboard!


“For my PD&T project I have decided to develop a cardboard surfboard, as I wanted to show innovation and creativity with how a surfboard can be designed with more sustainable products. The construction of the board involved laser-cutting the members of the core of the board and was a week-long process of constructing the pieces of cardboard together. The next step will be to cover the core with fibreglass mat and polyester resin and to finish it off with sanding”



Mr Thomas said of Jack’s project, “As a teacher of design it’s so rewarding to be involved with this innovative and interesting project. It’s also good to see our students considering issues to do with sustainability and sustainable practice. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product at the end of Term 3. Maybe Jack will allow me to ‘hang ten’ when it’s finished?”