Stuck for School Holiday Ideas?

Well that’s another Term done and dusted! Thank you parents, students and staff for your involvement and contributions to our school community throughout Term 2. Watch the video below to see just a few of the highlights from the past 11 weeks.

We know a lot of our families will be travelling during the holidays – overseas, national or local travel. If you are traveling, remember to keep a photo journal and then share it with your class when you return. So, what happens with those of us who will be staying at home and not traveling?


Not sure what to do that is fun, healthy and local? Well, here some suggestions:

  1. Visit a Zoo with your parents or join us on a Werribee Zoo excursion on Thursday 13th July 2017. Mr Michalski is driving the bus.
  2. Catch up with friends for a bike ride, walk, just chat or play board games.
  3. Plan to move each day – get some exercise in a park, at the beach or climb the 1000 steps at Ferntree Gully.
  4. Cook a new recipe – plan a meal for your family. (Cook under adult supervision.)
  5. Read, read, read – visit your local library if you don’t have enough books at home.
  6. Paint or draw, then frame it for posterity and display in your room.
  7. Build something ie lego, billy cart, water rocket, model planes, boats etc
  8. Clean up your room and decorate it. 9. Volunteer to help mum and dad or friends
  9. Learn to knit (“What’s knitting?” you ask. Ask your parents or grandparents – many will remember how to do it, or just google it!)


That’s just a few ideas for what to do during the holidays. No one should have time to be bored! When you return on Tuesday next term, share what you did with your classmates, teacher and Principal.


Have an exciting, activity-filled term break. Enjoy life!