Lens on Learning – After School Coding

One of our after school activities at Nunawading Christian College is coding. Students start with the basics and each week increase their knowledge of the intricacies of coding. This week students used code to make clocks. In previous weeks, the class has made a digital fidget spinner, which students loved.

I love the creativity and how you can accomplish so much by just using code.

– Kayde

I really like coding, it’s so much fun. The teachers are so nice. I’ve learnt so much and think you would too.

– Zechariah

It’s a great way to learn code early, might even need it in the future.

– Jasper

Coding is really, really fun. It teaches you so many skills.

– Caleb

The Primary program is open to students from Years 3-6 while the Secondary program runs for students in Years 7-10. Classes are held after school on Tuesdays (Primary) and Thursdays (Secondary).

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