Getting to know Jenny Kavur

Getting to know Jenny Kavur




Describe teaching in three words

Challenging – Creative – Rewarding

What do you love most about teaching?

I can explore my passion – It’s an absolutely wonderful experience when someone is able to successfully merge career and passion.

What’s special about NCC?

Here we have the opportunity to educate the heart as much as we have the opportunity to educate the mind.

What do you learn from your students?

I can visibly learn from my students that every single day is an opportunity to face fears. Children wear their scars like a badge of honour but as adults we tend to conceal our wounds. For instance, a child with a broken bone or scar wears it proudly. They become a hero. The ultimate survivor. To a child scars are not a sign of weakness but of courage and strength. Accomplishment in the war against fear!

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be and why?

Idealistically, I’d live on a deserted island somewhere near the equator, where there are lots of palm trees and coconuts. From my beach shack overlooking a turquoise lagoon I’d write dramatic novels with interesting characters and heartwarming twists and turns. Realistically, I wouldn’t change my job not even for the opportunity to sway in a banana chair and sip on fruit smoothies all day because I enjoy teaching children and seeing them flourish. Even though it’s nice to let your mind wander from time to time about the different possibilities, teaching is my calling.

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