Nunawading Christian College has introduced for teachers, parents and all students (Early Learning to VCE) a proactive and preventative 'Positive Behaviour for Learning' framework.

PB4L initiatives are evident throughout Nunawading Christian College’s ethos, curriculum, behavioural strategy and student acknowledgement system. The outcome of these initiatives ensure students are offered effective support strategies in order to make positive behavioural choices and are acknowledged for positive conduct, effort and behaviour.

We have chosen four values to display in all areas of the school. NCC teachers will be explicitly teaching each value in class and in chapel. As a school, we passionately believe these values are vital for learning and life.


Nunawading Christian College Values


Showing respect for ourselves, each other and our environment


Developing resilience for the challenges we will face day to day and in the future.


Being responsible for our property and our actions


Having integrity in the decisions we make.